Welcome to the site of the Astronomical Observatory, a research group in the Department of Physics and astronomy.


The area of research of the research group is highly dynamic, with a constant interplay of observation and theory. A short overview of the different branches of the research: N-body/SPH simulations of the formation and evolution of (dwarf) galaxies, modelling radiative transfer (e.g. for interstellar dust) using Monte-Carlo methods, requesting/receiving/using time for observations all over the world, reducing data of the Herschel Space Telescope, ...

A bit of history...

The Astronomical Observatory of the University of Ghent dates from 1904, and was at that time located in the Institut des Sciences, now known as the Plateau- Rozier building, in the center of town. The principal objective of its observing activities have been, and still are, educational.

In the 1970s the observatory moved into a new location (ED50 coordinates 0h14m50.12s E, 51deg01’25’’ N) at the Krijgslaan 281 (S9). It became a part of the Department of Mathematical Physics and Astronomy in 1993.

The research group became a part of a renewed Department of Physics and Astronomy in 2010.


- 2014-01-14 : Talk by Dr Ronin Wu

On Tuesday 14 Jan, Dr Ronin Wu (CEA Saclay) will visit our group and present a seminar on Spatially resolved physical conditions of M83 observed by the Herschel SPIRE FTS
The talk will be in lecture room S9-V1 and starts at 14h. Everybody welcome !
Ronin Wu (CEA Saclay)
Spatially resolved (...)

- 2014-01-08 : CHARM meeting on January 30-31, 2014

The second annual CHARM meeting will be hosted by the University of Ghent on January 30-31, 2014.
Five Belgian research teams and two international partners work together to face Contemporary physical challenges in Heliospheric and AstRophyscial Models (or CHARM). The origin of this network (...)

- 2013-09-26 : Talk by Prof. Lucio Mayer

Lucio Mayer, will give a talk on Friday September 27th about his most recent work on dwarf galaxy simulations
Sept 27th - 10:30am in the basement meeting room.

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